Prof. Yaqoub S.Y. Alrefaei
Institute of Banking Studies, Kuwait
Director's Message
The academic year 2011-2012 has been a great year for the IBS, for which I thank the banking and financial community for their engagement and support, and our colleagues at the IBS for their commitment and hard work.
The IBS has witnessed quantitative and qualitative growth in all of its strategic initiatives. Two Kuwaiti banks, Kuwait Finance House and Warba Bank, have joined IBS sponsoring banks expanding IBS funding to be from all Kuwaiti banks. In terms of its strategic partnerships, the IBS has been accepted as Associate Member of European Banking & Financial Services Training Association (EBTN). With this prestigious membership, the IBS will take part into the association’s effort to identify and set global benchmarks for banking education. IBS collaboration with the Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education has continued for the third year, with close to double the participation in the Executive Development Program HBS has been offering the GCC Banking and Financial sectors. In addition, professional certification programs have expanded to include the CFA, the HR certifications, PHR® and SPHR®, and the marketing certifications ICM and PCM. And the success of the Kuwaiti Graduates Development Program (KGDP), which serves Kuwaiti banks, has led to branches of international banks in Kuwait asking the IBS to offer the KGDP to meet their needs for attracting and developing young Kuwaiti bankers.  Another initiative of the IBS was to invite the prominent leadership guru, John Maxwell, to present his proven model. Based on formal and informal feedback, the full house event was met with great success. In addition, work is underway to produce and launch the second phase of the Financial Awareness Project with the TV program "Financial and Banking Highlights" that will be produced with a new concept and more effective media tools.
The continuity and growth of these initiatives over the past few years and into the year 2012-2013 are a true testament to the IBS’s growth and success in meeting the needs in the banking and financial community. The IBS has been pursuing these needs with foresight and diligence.
In the year 2012-2013 we will continue to offer the latest cutting edge and core knowledge banking and financial programs. Programs in managerial, self-development, and IT areas support our specialized line of service. Through our public offerings we aim to serve common needs across our member banks and client organizations in all private and public sectors, while client-specific needs are met through our tailored programs.
We look forward to another productive year, in collaboration with you, for the continued growth of the Kuwait banking community.   
Yours Sincerely,
Prof. Yaqoub S. Y. Al-Refaei

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